Evaluation questionnaire of the Erasmus+ 'Show your own gold' multiplier training event held on 6th July 2017 Barcelona

I am
a trainee
a trainer
an organiser
a researcher
a teacher

Kind of organization affiliated to
Higher Education
Secondary Education
Vocational Education
Social Education/Youth work
Public Administration
Private Company
Non-Governmental Organization
Culture and Arts Institution

Your perception of the multiplier training event:
How do you evaluate the following aspects of the multiplier training event related to

learning and transfer
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agree
You view the presented content important
You were able to exchange with others about the topics of the event
You were able to learn from the presentations

Especially this content was important:

You have learned issues new to you, such as

Any remarks you want to make regarding the presentation of the contents?

What did you like most in the event?

What did you like least in the event?

What should be changed in a future training event?

Did you receive inspirations for your own work?
Yes No

Do you plan to apply some of the concepts, scenarios and methods presented in your institution?
Yes No

Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agree
Sufficient time was spent on the presentation of pedagogical scenarios for pre-vocational training
The training was useful for multipliers facing the profession
The training event was personally enriching
The length of the program was adequate
The training event met my expectations

The training was useful for multipliers facing the profession because

Suggestions: Any remark you want to make regarding the content of the training event?

My questionaire is:
not finished      
ready to submit


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